Geriatric Therapy

Geriatric Therapy

Like any other form of treatment, the purpose of psychotherapy is to relieve suffering, to allow normal functioning, and if possible to cure and prevent difficulties. Psychotherapy has been demonstrated to be as effective for elderly people as for younger populations. Therapy can be used as either a primary or an adjudicative method of treatment, depending on the individual and the presenting problem. There has been a gradual increase in our knowledge of the psychological characteristics of aging and elderly persons as well as in our experience of conducting geriatric therapy.

As a experienced clinician, I provide geriatric therapy to older adults with varying issues. I can address behavioral issues that can occur as the result of transitioning to a skilled nursing facility or supervised living setting. Symptoms related to this transition can include depression, anxiety, substance abuse, grief and loss. I will work with families to ensure their loved one is receiving the services and resources available to them.

geriatric therapy

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