Grief & Loss

Grief and Loss in Elderly

Losses are not just the deaths of loved ones, friends, and acquaintances. The elderly also experience loss and grief as they begin to have a diminished ability in activities of daily living. This then can cause the elderly individual to lose a sense of purpose.

Many older adults also have difficulty when they can no longer live independently. They struggle with the loss of their homes, their possessions, their health, body parts, their vocations, not to mention their independence.

Grief and loss in elderly is a natural and expected reaction to any loss, not just another person's death. It is the process of experiencing the psychological, behavioral, social, and physical reactions to loss. Grief has been described as a long roller coaster ride that gradually levels out.

If you or a loved one is experiencing geriatric grief and loss, contact a clinical professional. Use the link below for a consultation about my geriatric therapy services.



grief and loss in older adults

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